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Well a pretty mixed career, born in London UK, Phil spent the first part of his working life as a Television Engineer working some of London's most deprived area and was even caught up in the riots of South London back in the 80's

An avid music lover Phil worked part time as a disc jockey whilst still working full time as a TV Engineer, the DJ lifestyle eventually took over and leaving the world of TV repairs was an easy choice.

The entertainment world eventually led to the operation of 112 nightclubs worldwide, with construction and operation in virtually every civilized Country around the globe, married to Debbie who has been soul mate for over 28 years

Phil ceased his involvement with professional commercial entertainment in 1994 and moved from his UK base with his wife to Florida.

Starting a real estate & management company providing property services to absentee investment owners in late 1994 the company was built to a formidable force and in 2005 a decision was made to sell the company and devote more time to real estate.

Phil specializes in investment properties and now owns and operates a new management company called Villa-Care to look after the ongoing needs of his investor clients, his clients range from the family who just wants a nice investment home that can be used for vacations, through to many International celebrities both in the pop and racing world and who he always diligently protects their privacy.

Investment properties takes up 60% of his real estate activities these days but a sizeable 40% is dedicated to residential sales, with fifteen years experience in management and real estate in the Central Florida area and a commitment to doing what's right for the clients and offering them a multiple choice both at the purchase stage and thereafter.

Still entertaining as DJ/MC these days it's back to the early days of being a part timer in the music world with a full time professional career, this time it's Real Estate in a warm and growing city and not a the cold dingy TV repair world in the depths of South London.

Ecstatic about being part of the Parkland team, who Phil describes as the most genuine and friendly real estate professionals he has ever met or had the privilege to work with, dedicated to the best interests of their customers, and so generous in giving to many worthy causes both with their time and money, adamant that regardless of all the real estate hype, this is truly a wonderful company and one of a kind.


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